Soundtrek Copywriting
Writing effective radio commercials requires radio-specific skills. The most important of these skills is the ability to make an emotional connection with your radio listener.
As many radio station managers will confess, a good radio copywriter is hard to find. Few so-called copywriters know anything about writing radio commercials. It takes a special skill and lots of practice.
At Soundtrek we have the skills and experience that will not only boost your station’s brand as an outstanding medium for advertising, but, more importantly, it will deliver customer satisfaction. Our team of copywriters have written loads and loads of successful radio commercials for a variety of radio stations over the past 30 years. 
With close to three decades of copywriting experience Soundtrek will help your station’s clients increase their sales and improve their brand. This includes all kinds of sales copy your client requests. Some clients even need a professional slogan. At Soundtrek we can handle that too. Rest assured, when we accept a project, you get the best copywriting possible.
Please, do not hesitate to contact Soundtrek on 072 609 9483 for a quotation.