Radio Ads

Introduction to radio advertising


In a single week, combined community radio reaches some 8,6 million South Africans. So, with more than 100 community broadcasters, no matter what types of listeners you want to reach with your radio advertising, Soundtrek Broadcasting and Recording will help you do it.


According to statistics, eighty percent of adults listen to the radio in their cars, and a quarter of the population also listens while at work.


And, there’s plenty that’s new in radio! Most community stations now stream their programming on the Internet and reach additional local and even national audiences.

What’s more, if online listeners like what they hear in your streaming radio spot, they’re just one click away from your website.


Radio provides an ideal advertising medium for small businesses, but running an effective campaign takes a bit of know-how.

So, why not get in touch with Soundtrek Broadcasting and Recording, with many years experience in community radio and radio advertising, to assist you with your radio spot or promotional campaign?