The Long Version

Benefits of In-House Radio

  • Encourage your customers to spend more
    • The right kind of music for your clientele can encourage customers to spend longer in your restaurant – research indicates that the more time spent in your restaurant, not only encourages customers to order more food, but the desire for alcohol orders increase too.
  • Increased customer experience
    • Build the right atmosphere. Music plays a big role in creating and enhancing the dining experience. Research shows that the music you play affects not only the restaurants environment, but also your clients moods and feelings. By changing the tempo and style of background music, you can create a visible change in atmosphere.
    • Music can affect people’s perception of time. A long wait will feel shorter if there is good music playing in the background. It’s the same principle behind the melodies played while callers are put on hold. When people are entertained, they are less likely to get bored or annoyed – and likelier to return
  • Consistent brand image and professionalism
    • Research shows that particular types of music can alter brand perception. Making your restaurant appear authentic, comfortable, dynamic and fun.
    • The tempo, loudness, style of the music you play can help communicate your brand’s personality to customers, even before they enter your door.
    • If you have been thinking about tweaking or re-branding your restaurant, music can be a powerful tool to achieve your brand re-design goals.477493496
  • Generate add on and impulse sales
    • A 2005 study revealed that people tend to spend more on impulse buys when pleasant music is playing. The effect was present even when people did not notice the music playing in the store, showing that music has a subconscious (yet very real!) effect on buying habits.
    • More interestingly, the type of music played can act as a trigger for specific purchases. Therefore, the more authentic your music is to your particular brand, the perception of your quality and authenticity to the food you are serving, is increased.
  • Encourage return visits by announcing upcoming events or promotions
    • Should you consider our additional ‘Radio’ packages, you can communicate directly with your clients, run specials and update your clients WHILE they are dining.
  • Create seasonal ambiance
    • Create an atmosphere and encourage clients to book your restaurant for their Christmas parties.

What is our Delivery Method?


  • We utilize a small playback server and place it in your restaurant.
  • We have a very technical and extremely capable team that will ensure this service is completely hassle free and easy to use.
  • Since our staff is so technical we can work with any sound system you currently use.
  • Our ‘Little Black Box’ ensures quality control and non-interference with your technical equipment.
  • We ship our systems with internet built in: If we utilize your existing internet we offer an additional setup discount.
  • Content is downloaded to your current playback unit.
  • We constantly upload new music
  • Uploads happens behind the scenes, no interruption to service

Multiple Restaurants?

  • The more restaurants you have the cheaper our services
  • Ensure the same music, adverts and information flow across your restaurants
  • Seamlessly update information across your branches or
  • Tailor individual restaurants with different music, languages and area specific information.

Why SoundTrek?

  • Professional Music:   Selected and chosen specifically for your restaurant
  • Professional Adverts for your business, tailored to your specific needs: We specialise in Radio and Broadcasting and produce professional adverts.
  • Discounts on production of commercial Radio Adverts: We have many years of experience working in the Radio and Broadcasting field and have maintained contacts within these industries – should you wish to advertise on Radio – we have you covered!
  • Custom solutions tailored to your specific needs: We can give you our recommendations or you may choose your own music genre and style. We have a database of non-commercial professional music
  • Seamless delivery method: Our little black box sits discreetly in your restaurant and broadcasts continuously and timesously (should you be utilising our advertising services, we can ensure specific adverts are played at key times according to your target market)
  • Creative and innovative staff: With International and National experience, we have over 50 years of experience in the Broadcasting and Radio industry.
  • Currently working in the Broadcasting Industry: Access to Voice Over Artists, Connections to Radio Stations, and years of experiencing writing and producing adverts, we understand the industry and can arrange special pricing.

In Summary

Our aim is to make In-House Radio a professional, uncomplicated and highly effective marketing tool that fits your budget.

  • Increased customer experience
  • Consistent brand image and professionalism
  • Generate add on and impulse buys
  • Encourage return visits by announcing upcoming events or promotions
  • Create seasonal ambiance
  • Professional In-House Adverts tailored to your specific needs
  • Professional Music tailored to your brand
  • Custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Seamless delivery method.
  • Discounts on production of commercial Radio Adverts.
  • Creative and innovative staff.

Our aim is to make In-House Radio a professional, uncomplicated and highly effective marketing tool that fits your budget.


Philip Venter

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