Soundtrek Webhosting

Specialized band and music websites

In conjunction with

Domain registration (example: R160

Website construction (once off fee) R2500

Website hosting (monthly fee) R300

Website updates (1 Hour free per month)

Included when you sign up with us:

  • Featured listings on HeavyHops radio
  • Your Merchandise on the HeavyHops Website Merch Page
  • Your music played as a featured artist on HeavyHops Radio
  • Band Interviews on HeavyHops Radio


  1. Send us your top 3 choices for a domain (the name your website will display, for example or

2) We will send you a template of what your websites layout will look like.

3) Once approved, we will request your content (band info, photo’s etc) **

4) Once we’ve done all the work, we will email you a link to your new website


Standard domains (which aren’t already used) cost around R160 per year. This really depends on the domain name. Some names cost more. We will email you the price according to your choices. 

Website construction

R2500 is our standard set-up fee with minor modifications to suit your preferences.

We will work closely with you to get all the relevant info and pages up and running correctly.


The information your visitors see on your webpage needs to be updated: New music, new pictures in the gallery, upcoming gigs and general info visible on your website. **Videos are costed for separately as this takes up space on the server, we are happy to quote on additional space.

With your monthly subscription we include 1 hour of updates, thereafter R350 per hour. We work relatively fast, so if the updates are simple this should not take long.

Monthly Hosting

Monthly hosting starts at R300 per month.

Included in your monthly hosting

1)    We take care of the technical bits (upgrades and updates behind the scenes)

2)    Your bands listing on the Heavyhops band list – there will be a redirect to your website

4)    Free interviews on Heavyhops Radio

5)    Merchandise space on the Heavyhops website

6)    Radio ad for your merchandise on Heavyhops Radio (contact us for info)

7)     Your tracks played on a featured list at a time of your choosing.

For more information, visit or

Or contact Phil on 072 609 9483